We have embarked upon a number of projects. First off, we started editing our newly made documentary. This informative documentary exhibits the horrors of ghost fishing and will be shown to the public soon. To help spread awareness, we have created a Facebook page. (www.facebook.com/stopghostfishingtoday) We have many plans for the future, including partnering with national parks to organize beach cleanups for ghost nets, passing a model bill making fishermen and fisheries liable for the proper disposal of their nets, as well as providing a district-wide education plan to help spread awareness about this problem. However, this would not be possible without funds. To help raise money, we are seeking sponsors who might be interested in donating money to support this cause. In addition, we had a successful boba sale at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, making a profit of about $85 dollars. Our main purpose, however, is to educate the public about ghost fishing as to prevent the potential, needless death of many innocent marine animals. A net left today, a life lost tomorrow.

Note to the Public: Feel free to give feedback about how we are doing.