Engaged students participate.
  • This month, we taught students at Eastshore Elementary school about ghost fishing. It was a fascinating experience spreading the word about ghost fishing, and seeing so many eager students become desirous of helping the community.

    At Eastshore, we started off teaching with a brief, fun, and animated PowerPoint basically explaining what ghost fishing is along with startling statistics about this problem. The classes were then split into 4 groups, or 'stations', for the next activity. Each individual station consisted of a small group of about 8 students, along with a member of our team. The stations included: a visual activity where students looked at a gallery of numerous photos of ghost fishing, a choose-your-own-adventure type story, fun facts, and a lightning round with prizes. Two interesting worksheets went with the stations. The stations were extremely interactive and hands-on, as all students voted and debated on various activities, as well as discussed in groups. To conclude, we showed an activity to all of the class, where they had to brainstorm solutions to ghost fishing.

    Solutions Include:
  • Properly labelling nets with ownership
  • Using GPS to locate nets
  • Biodegradable nets
  • Timed releases
  • Buyback program
  • Use of timed echolocation to warn animals of approaching danger
  • Educating fishermen about this problem

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