Engaged students participate.
  • This month, we taught students at Eastshore Elementary school about ghost fishing. It was a fascinating experience spreading the word about ghost fishing, and seeing so many eager students become desirous of helping the community.

    At Eastshore, we started off teaching with a brief, fun, and animated PowerPoint basically explaining what ghost fishing is along with startling statistics about this problem. The classes were then split into 4 groups, or 'stations', for the next activity. Each individual station consisted of a small group of about 8 students, along with a member of our team. The stations included: a visual activity where students looked at a gallery of numerous photos of ghost fishing, a choose-your-own-adventure type story, fun facts, and a lightning round with prizes. Two interesting worksheets went with the stations. The stations were extremely interactive and hands-on, as all students voted and debated on various activities, as well as discussed in groups. To conclude, we showed an activity to all of the class, where they had to brainstorm solutions to ghost fishing.

    Solutions Include:
  • Properly labelling nets with ownership
  • Using GPS to locate nets
  • Biodegradable nets
  • Timed releases
  • Buyback program
  • Use of timed echolocation to warn animals of approaching danger
  • Educating fishermen about this problem

Last month, we have been narrowing down our focuses, as well as truly getting moving on some of our focuses. First off, we have completed and sent off sponsor letters to 9 local marine companies. We hope on following up with more soon. Secondly, we have continued designing and narrowing down our education plan, this time making one for elementary schools as well. Just recently, we have received affirmation from Eastshore Elementary school allowing to teach at their campus. Even though the date is not yet set, we look forward to educating and spreading awareness to young kids about ghost fishing.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and remember: A Net Left Today, A Life Lost Tomorrow.
October was a month of frantic idealism, far-fetched plans, and next-to-no-action. We spent the entire last month planning out possible actions plans to stop ghost fishing. There was much debate, but our hot words soon bore fruit in ideas. We have narrowed down our course of action to trying to solve this problem, and deciding what we, as students, can do to help.
We have embarked upon a number of projects. First off, we started editing our newly made documentary. This informative documentary exhibits the horrors of ghost fishing and will be shown to the public soon. To help spread awareness, we have created a Facebook page. (www.facebook.com/stopghostfishingtoday) We have many plans for the future, including partnering with national parks to organize beach cleanups for ghost nets, passing a model bill making fishermen and fisheries liable for the proper disposal of their nets, as well as providing a district-wide education plan to help spread awareness about this problem. However, this would not be possible without funds. To help raise money, we are seeking sponsors who might be interested in donating money to support this cause. In addition, we had a successful boba sale at Rancho San Joaquin Middle School, making a profit of about $85 dollars. Our main purpose, however, is to educate the public about ghost fishing as to prevent the potential, needless death of many innocent marine animals. A net left today, a life lost tomorrow.

Note to the Public: Feel free to give feedback about how we are doing.
From designing T-shirts to forging partnerships with local marine groups, we
have been extremely busy this month. At the moment, we are currently in the
process of creating a series of documentaries to help educate the public. Drafts
of lesson plans for a hands-on program at our school concerning ghost fishing
are also underway. Our cause has already been publicized on social media through
Facebook and Google+. We have been poring over data sent to us by marine
biologists. In addition, a fundraising plan is in development, as we are finding
sponsors, designing promotional T-shirts, and planning a variety of sales. 
Thanks to everyone for your support so far!
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A Net Left Today, A Life Lost Tomorrow.